Singapore Fitness Jobs And Careers: A Comparative Analysis - Part 1



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Regardless whether you've just been recently certified, or contemplating a career change within the Fitness Industry, or even thinking of making a mid-career switch from a non-fitness sector over to the Singapore Fitness/Wellness Industry - chances are that you are pretty much confused over your next step, and over what options or models best suit your strengths and your personality.

To clear the chaff from the wheat, we are going to help you analyze the different options you have here in Singapore - with regards to a professional fitness/wellness career, and equip you with some basic facts so that you can decide for yourself - on the actual business design or job structure that suits you best.

To start things off, choosing a fitness career/job in Singapore basically boils down to 2 things: whether you want to work for others, or work for yourself.

Working for others is straightforward - it basically means that you become an employee of a fitness/wellness establishment, organization or facility, and subject yourself to its terms, regulations, culture and work ethics. This is the choice chosen by most newbies, and those who prefer to work in a structured and 'secure' work environment.

On the other hand, when you decide to work for yourself, things get a little more interesting. Basically, here in Singapore, there are 3 common routes to take if you want to be your own boss. These are:

1. Running Your Own Private Fitness Facility/Studio As A Business Owner

2. Working As A Private, Independent Trainer Out From A Fixed Location

3. Providing A Home/Mobile Fitness Service

Let's explore each in turn - with regards to their pros and cons - to give you a clearer picture of what entails behind each option.


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