Part 3 - A Career As A Singapore Fitness/Wellness Business Owner


You can become a Fitness/Wellness Business Owner by running your own boutique gym, private studio or personal fitness facility here in Singapore.

You will then be THE BOSS, and will be overall-in-charge of ALL aspects of the business: from the layout of the facility, to the choice of equipment, to the hiring of your staff, to the day-to-day running of the facility.

Ultimately, YOU and you alone, are answerable for the success or failure of the venture.


Pros Of Being A Fitness/Wellness Business Owner

1. Unlimited Income Potential

2. Full Control Over Your Work Environment

3. Potential To Brand Your Company Nationally And Internationally

4. Business Tax Reliefs


Cons Of Being A Fitness/Wellness Business Owner


1. HUGE Start-Up Costs

- Large sums of capital are usually required upfront; from the purchase of fitness equipment, to the rental of shop space, to the renovation/furnishing of your facility. All these require an initial outlay of at least tens of thousands - if not - hundreds of thousands of dollars.


2. HIGH Recurring Expenses

- Large sums of capital are again required to keep your business going: from paying your monthly rent for the shop space, to payment for electrical/water bills, to payment of your staff salaries, to maintenance costs for your facility and its equipment etc etc.


3. HUGE Logistics & Administrative Work Involved

- A large amount of preparatory, initial and regular paper work, legal documents and official liaisons are required to start, operate and maintain a fitness facility here in Singapore.


4. Stiff COMPETITION From Established International Fitness Chains

- You know who these are - the MEGA gyms and MEGA health clubs all over Singapore who have no qualms pumping hundreds of thousands of dollars into advertising each month so as to attract more and more customers to themselves. Their presence have led to the premature closure of a number of small-scale boutique gyms and studios in Singapore over the years.


5. HIGHLY Subject To Business And Economic Fluctuations

-  When you own a business facility, due to your high capital cost and initial outlay, you are extremely vulnerable to economic shocks and changes in the business cycle. Any sudden, unexpected news could ruin your business for good. These could range from a sudden increase in your shop's rental fees, to sudden reductions in human traffic at your shop's location (due to external factors like mall renovations, road construction work etc), and even to a sudden downturn in the country's economy.



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