Part 4 - A Career As A Private, Independent Singapore Fitness/Wellness Trainer


One can also choose to work as a Private, Independent Fitness/Wellness Trainer here in Singapore.


These trainers traditionally operate out from a fixed location - such as a hotel gym, or a private training facility - where they pay a monthly fee in order to make use of the facility's space and equipment; and also for the privilege to bring in their own clients for training.



Pros Of Being A Private, Independent Fitness/Wellness Trainer Operating From A Fixed Location

1. Low Capital Costs Required

2. Clients Come To Your Location

3. Can Choose/Select Your Own Clients

4. Can Choose Your Working Hours


Cons Of Being A Private, Independent Fitness/Wellness Trainer Operating From A Fixed Location


1. Recurring Fixed Monthly Expenses

- These come from the payment of your monthly dues or 'rent' for making use of the facility and its equipment. This amount varies from place to place, with facilities operating nearer to town or high-traffic areas, usually charging a higher monthly fee.


2. Subject To The Management's Policies & Regulations

- The management of your facility may want you to accept certain policies or conditions before allowing you to use their space. Also, some may take advantage to UP the rental cost as and when they wish, or even stop you abruptly from using their facility if they so desire.


3. NO Control Over Your Work Environment

- As you are merely a 'visitor' at the facility, you have no control over the environment. You have to 'share' space with other users of the gym/studio, particularly with your COMPETITORS - other trainers, instructors and coaches who are also using the facility to train their own clients. Tales of machine hogging, client-tapping, confrontations, professional & personal conflicts, over-crowding and other forms of friction between competing trainers are common in such 'shared' space arrangements.


4. LIMITED Client Pool

- When you operate out from a fixed facility, you can only hope to attract clients working or residing around the area. Those outside your facility's geographical boundary would usually give you a miss, as they can always opt for nearer or more convenient locations. As such, your client pool will always be limited in size.


5. LIMITED Scheduling Flexibility

- As all facilities have fixed opening and closing hours, you are limited by these time constraints when scheduling your clients for training. What if your clients want to train at 6am in the morning or 10pm at night? You'll then be caught in a fix as your facility would NOT be open at these odd hours, neither will they make special concessions to accommodate you and your clients. 


6. NO Fixed Income

- Working as a private, independent trainer means that your income will fluctuate from time to time. This is made worse by the fact that even in 'bad' months, you will still have to cough up your monthly rental fees to pay the facility in order to maintain your training privilege.



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