Part 5 - A Career As A Home/Mobile Singapore Fitness Service Provider


As a Singapore Home/Mobile Fitness Service Provider, you basically make house-calls or on-site visits to both residential and commercial areas throughout the nation to deliver your services.


You are basically an Independent, Private Trainer, and also your OWN BOSS as you practically call all the shots with regards to what, how, where, when, and with whom, to work with.


Pros Of Being A Private Home/Mobile Fitness Service Provider

1. Unlimited Income Potential

- There's is NO limit to how much you can earn. The harder you work, the MORE you earn. How much you take home depends on how many hours you are willing to put in each day/week/month. We know of TOP home/mobile trainers in Singapore who consistently make 5-figure sums per month.


2. Keep 100% Of What You Earn

- Well, maybe not exactly 100%, but pretty close to it. Bear in mind that you have NO monthly rental fees, NO facility management fees, NO staff salaries to pay and NO employer to take a cut from your earnings etc etc....Most, if not all of your earnings go straight into your pocket.


3. Low Capital Costs Required

- Starting a Mobile/Home fitness service is EASY & CHEAP! Depending on your actual fitness/wellness vocation, and where you intend to carry out your training, all you need to purchase could be just an exercise mat, or a stability ball, or a couple of exercise bands etc.... all costing NO more than S$100!! And the best part is, you may NOT even need any equipment if your client chooses to work out from an equipped home/condo gym!


4. Can Choose Your Work Environment

- As A home/mobile fitness & wellness provider, the WORLD is your office! You can choose to train your clients in their living rooms, or at their offices, or at their private gyms, or even in their home garages /basements; and of course, even the Great Outdoors - where the neighborhood park, the community playground or even the beach can become your own 'training ground'. 


5. Can Choose/Select Your Own Clients

- This career option gives you FULL control over who you want to work with! You are free to SCREEN your clients before taking them on, and are free to choose only to work with those whom you feel most comfortable with.


6. Flexible Working Hours

- Don't like the morning shift? No problem, choose to start work only at noon then. Like to keep the afternoons free for yourself? No problem, work only in the mornings and nights then. As a home/mobile fitness provider, you are free to set your own working hours according to your schedule and your clients' preferences.


5. Business Tax Reliefs

- Claim tax reliefs on all your work-related costs, including costs spent on fitness equipment and training gear, office stationery, transport etc. Your transport costs will be your main concern as a mobile trainer, and thankfully, you can claim them as business expenses in your income tax report - when you use public transport and/or a goods/commercial vehicle to travel to-and-fro your clients' locations!


Cons Of Being A Private Home/Mobile Fitness Service Provider

1. NO Fixed Income

- Your income will fluctuate based on how hard you choose to work. However, if you are a naturally self-motivated, driven and ambitious person, the SKY will be the LIMIT for you.


2. Traveling Needed

- Being mobile and providing home services simply means that you must be prepared to travel from one place to another. Fortunately, in Singapore, this is almost a non-issue due to the small land size of the country and its fantastic transport infrastructure which makes traveling from one end of Singapore to another an absolute breeze, with or without your own vehicle. Moreover, as a home/mobile service provider, you are free to choose certain zones only in Singapore to provide your services - if you so wish - according to your own convenience.


3. Traveling Expenses Incurred

- As mentioned earlier, traveling costs will be your MAIN expense as a home/mobile fitness provider. Thankfully, if you use public transport or own a goods/commercial vehicle to move from one client's location to another, these costs could be offset as business expenses in your annual income tax report. This will result in substantial cost savings for you.


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