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Fitness Public FAQs


Do I need to contact to hire a fitness service provider?

No. You are free to contact any fitness service provider directly via their business contact information. All business exchanges are solely between client and fitness service provider.

What if I did not like the service I received from my fitness service provider?

Please note that the fitness providers listed on this site are ALL freelance and/or independent contractors. As such, they are not accountable to us, and likewise, we have no authority nor control over their service performance. We exist merely as a platform to serve as a link between the Public and these fitness providers. We strongly advise you to make a concerted effort to screen and scrutinize each and every potential candidate before engaging his/her services. In any event, please feel free to submit your feedback and rating of the services you received to let us know how you feel. To do that, please email us at:

Can I contact a fitness service provider to inquire about the scope of his/her services?

Absolutely. We suggest you ask as many questions as you deem necessary. Remember, the onus lies on you - and you alone - in finding the RIGHT trainer for yourself, your family or your organization.

Are these fitness service providers all certified and insured?

Unfortunately, we are unable to guarantee the above. All these fitness providers are "Independent Contractors" who do not answer to us. We highly recommend that you ask about their experiences, rates, certifications, insurance, references and overall qualifications before you decide to engage them. You may also wish to use our "verified" labels - tags given to providers who have submitted their certifications to us for vetting - as a means of screening as well.

Who do I pay for the fitness services?

All transactions are strictly between you and your fitness service provider. Hence, you pay them DIRECTLY for any service rendered. We exist merely to help fitness service providers and clients connect with each other with ease and convenience through our network and directory.

I have more questions. Who do I ask?

You can go to our Contact Us Page and submit your inquiry, or email us directly at

Do I pay to search on

No. Searching through our fitness directory is completely FREE.

Fitness Provider FAQs
Will I be working for

No. You simply list your services as an Independent Provider or Freelancer on our directory. As a member, we seek to promote you in a variety of ways through our unique network.

Will I have to give part of my income/earnings?

Absolutely not. You get to keep EVERY CENT you earn. We will NEVER ask to take a cut of your earnings/income.

Will I get to decide my own work hours?

Absolutely. You are free to decide on your OWN working hours. does not and will never get involved with any of your professional affairs.


Can I advertise on in addition to being listed on the directory?

Yes, of course. We have a wide variety of advertising plans to cater to your budget. Advertising with us will not only improve your promotional efforts, it will also help build the value of your business and website. To find out more about our rates, please click here.


I have more questions ... who do I ask?

You can go to our Contact Us Page and submit your inquiry, or email us directly at


I'm ready to Sign Up. Now what?

Go to Join Us Now Or Register Here and follow the given steps.

What are the main benefits of promoting my mobile fitness services on

At, you are the BOSS! You decide on your own working hours, set your own rates so you get what you're worth, cut out the middle man, work less and earn more!

On top of these, as a Paying Member, you also get UNLIMITED access to jobs, assignments, leads, referrals and FREE updates on the latest fitness resources and tools! For a more detailed look at the benefits of listing with us, please click here.

Who is the team?

The team consists of Rick Wong, co-founder and director. Rick is a seasoned Singapore fitness professional with over a decade's worth of experience and exposure in the Health & Fitness industry. He is ably assisted by an ad-hoc team of independent industry experts and virtual assistants from different parts of the world.


Do you cross advertise to promote the network and our listings?

Absolutely. We are always on the look-out for partners, sponsors and friends to help us promote and advertise this site so that we can become the #1 resource in mobile/home fitness services in Singapore. Currently, our featured members also appear on our Blog, Facebook Page, and in our Twitter and LinkedIn write-ups.

Is there a fee to list my services?

No. The beauty of this service is that you can practically Join For FREE! Of course, if you would like to accelerate your fitness career and earnings, we have Upgrade Options which will greatly help you to attain your financial and career goals. And don't forget that unlike other Singapore fitness sites, you NEVER have to pay any percentage, charge, or fee when you get a client through us. Think about it.





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