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Singapore Personal Self-Defense Instructors - For Your Personal Self-Protection

Photo Of A Personal Self-Defense Class In Progress.


Personal Self-Defense is of paramount importance even in a relatively safe country like Singapore, where people and  society are becoming increasingly complex and violent.

In order not to be the next victim of everyday crime or violence, it is essential for every individual - young or old, male or female - to pick up some effective personal self-defense skills against would-be predators and criminals.

Empower yourself and your loved ones today with a wide variety of effective and efficient self-defense, martial-arts and fitness conditioning skills - so that you, and your loved ones, can confidently take down an attacker quickly and with minimum damage to yourselves.


Let the following Singapore Personal Self-Defense Instructors show you the way to safe-guard yourself, your loved ones and your valuable assets with a thorough, comprehensive grounding in defensive training and physical fitness skills so that you stand the greatest chance of surviving a violent encounter.






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Mohd. Faris


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Darren Yee

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Other Singapore Personal Self-Defense Specialists:



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