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  Ram Kumar




Qualifications (verified) :    

Diploma in Health Management and Promotion (currently undertaking)

Certified Personal Trainer (Global Certifications - Expert Rating)

Certified Laughter Yoga Trainer (Train The Trainer Certification)

Certified PA Trainer (People's Association, Singapore)

Certified ACTA Trainer (Advanced Certified Training Assessment)
Certified Taekwondo Instructor (Singapore Taekwondo Federation)

Certified Taekwondo Referee (Singapore Taekwondo Federation)

National Registered Coach ( Singapore Sports Council, National Registry Of Coaches)

Certified Taekwondo Tournament Coach

(Recipient of Special Coaches Pass - Singapore Taekwondo Federation)

Certified Performance Coach

(Singapore Sports Council, NCAP; Centre For Management Development)


CPR Status:    



Years Of Experience:








Ram Kumar has served as both Senior and Chief Instructors in Taekwondo in various public and private classes; and is also an experienced Personal Self-Defense Trainer/Consultant.


Over the years, Ram Kumar has been engaged to work with various private and public organizations.


Testimonials :






News & Media Profile :




Self-Defense, Stamina Training, Close Combat, Taekwondo, Martial Arts Workshops, Kickboxing & Boxercise, Cardio Fitness Training, Toning and Shaping, Competitive Sparring, Defensive Sparring, Poomase/Pattern Training, Fitness Bootcamp Training (Indoor/Outdoors), Generic Aerobics, Aerobic Style Kickboxing, Yoga, Laughter Yoga, Pilates, Strength Training, Cardiovascular Circuit


Working Location:  

Throughout Singapore






Working Times:

Afternoons: 2pm-5pm; Evenings: 5.30pm-10pm.

Rates :

$60 - $250 (Private/Personal Training),

Upon Request (Group/Mass Sessions)

[Detailed Rates Are Provided, Per Request]


Contact Information:  








Connecting Clients And Trainers ..... Across Singapore !


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