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Photo of users using suspension trainers as a training tool.


Suspension trainers are popular fitness tools used extensively throughout the fitness industry worldwide.

Originating in the US, but now having spread to Singapore as well as many other parts of the world - suspension training is fast becoming the "IN"-thing for anyone involved in fitness - from fitness enthusiasts to professional athletes to even Hollywood celebrities.

And no wonder - as the suspension trainer is one of the most versatile tools around - having the ability to perform a wide variety of multi-planar and multi-directional exercises merely by leveraging upon one's own body weight.

Not only can suspension training help to develop one's core strength and overall fitness, it can also enhance one's balance, flexibility, muscular endurance and a host of other fitness components, making it an excellent addition to anyone's workout routine.

So if you're looking for a Total-Body Workout that builds muscular strength, endurance, flexibility and a functionally-fit body, do try out our suspension fitness programs specially-designed for you by our team of Singapore Suspension Training Specialists!

Let them show you all the proper exercises, techniques and routines that will help you get the most out of your suspension training program today!

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