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In Singapore, as well as in many parts of the developed world, when someone mentions Olympic Weightlifting, immediately, images of huge intimidating-looking men, grunting and sweating away, while attempting to lift incredible loads of weight, come to mind.

However, in all truth, Olympic Weightlifting is NOT just about the above; nor is it just for the competitive, serious weightlifter taking part in the Olympic Games!

Anyone, and everyone, from the recreational athlete to the stay-at-home mum, should consider performing some form of Olympic Weightlifting as part of a holistic fitness program.

In fact, Olympic Weightlifting is now recognized as an extremely beneficial and efficient way to train to develop one's functional fitness, athleticism, speed, power and overall coordination, and also to boost one's metabolism and muscular functions.

Olympic Weightlifting has such usefulness that it is now deemed a necessary component in most structured fitness programs.

You can now learn how to perform the Snatch, Clean & Jerk, Power Snatch, Power Clean, Power Jerk, and Squat variations and pulling progressions with the help of a Certified Singapore Olympic Weightlifting Coach.

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