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Singapore Core Exercise Specialists : For Core Training At Your Location


Photo of a core exercise specialist conducting core training on a client.


The "Human Core" is made up of many different muscle groups that help to stabilize the spine and the pelvis. These muscles run along the entire length of the human torso, and provide us with a solid foundation for all our physical movements and energy transfers.

Without strong core muscles, our bodily movements, sense of control, balance, stability and even athletic performance would all be greatly compromised!

As such, core training should form the foundation of all fitness programs, regardless of one's eventual fitness goals.

Let the following Singapore Core Exercise Experts help you strengthen your core musculature so as to reduce your risk of back injuries, increase your movement efficiency, enhance your balance and stability, and improve your fitness and sporting performance!






Photo Link To Singapore Fitness Professional - Raji


Rajas Vary


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Photo Link To Singapore Fitness Professional - Mohd Faris.


Mohd. Faris


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James Yeo


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Photo Link To Singapore Fitness Professional - Md Salaudin Adam aka Don


Don Salaudin


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Image of Singapore fitness professional - Akid Chong.


Akid Chong




Photo Of Singapore Fitness Professional - Ange Ong


Ange Ong


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Other Singapore Core Exercise Specialists:


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