Our Interview With Fitness Professional - Rajas Vary (Raji)


Photo of Singapore Fitness Professional - Raji.

Interview: Up Close and Personal with Rajas Vary (Raji)


Welcome to Can you tell us your feelings and expectations of being featured here on                     
Rajas Vary (Raji): I'm enthralled to be part of because it's a reputable site for genuine and hardworking fitness people who want to make a mark in their careers. My focus is to be a trusted trainer who delivers what is expected of me.
What made you join
Rajas Vary (Raji): Efficient service and tireless help by the network team is one reason I joined. I was looking for avenues to market my fitness services when I chanced upon the network.
How did you hear about us?
Rajas Vary (Raji): I was browsing through the internet when I came across SingaporeFitnessNetwork. It was purely curiosity at first, but later it became my trusted avenue for marketing my fitness services.
Please tell us how you got involved in fitness. 
Rajas Vary (Raji): I have always been a sports person since my school days. Although I was once a full-time servicewoman in the Singapore Armed Forces and competed in SAFSA events, and even coached my two children in athletic meets, I knew something was missing. When the Singapore Sports Council first started the Fitness Instructor Course, I immediately signed up upon seeing the opportunity and was in the pioneer batch. From there I knew fitness is my cup of tea.
What's the best thing about being a Fitness Professional?
Rajas Vary (Raji): Helping individuals to attain their fitness goals, and personally, being able to progress and take my passion for fitness to further heights. Also, having the sense of satisfaction of seeing the smiles on people's faces when they push beyond their limits and prove to themselves that they can achieve their goals.
What's the worst thing then about being a Fitness Professional?
Rajas Vary (Raji): When trainers start comparing themselves one to another, bad-mouthing others, undercutting or even stealing clients from each other.
Can you tell us more about your fitness philosophy?
Rajas Vary (Raji): I believe: hard work, determination and the love for your profession will make you special and stand-out among other trainers. I do not believe in short-changing clients or undercutting another trainer. Respect for every individual is my utmost philosophy. 
Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Rajas Vary (Raji): I'll be 55 years old then. To be someone to be remembered in the fitness world for the right reasons.
How does one contact you if he/she is interested in your services?
Rajas Vary (Raji): Email me at or call me at 90628452.



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