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Our Trainer Of The Month will have a full interview profile done up on him/her. The following is a sample of what the interview could look like:

Sample photo of our trainer of the month - Indra Khan


Interview: Up Close and Personal with Indra Khan Welcome to
Indra Khan: Thank you for the opportunity to be featured on this site and to get my services known to all the visitors that come here. What made you join
Indra Khan: Although I am a successful Yoga Teacher and Personal Trainer, I am still always on the lookout for ways to market myself so as to increase my business and to gain new clients. Your website currently offers the best features and value for money. How did you hear about us?
Indra Khan: Well, I was actually just surfing the web for quality fitness sites when I happen to come across this site. I got interested in what you got to offer to us - fitness professionals - and decided to sign-up. Please tell us how you got involved in fitness. 
Indra Khan: Well, I was offered the chance to study Exercise Science when I was in university, and I took in up without hesitation. From then on, my interest in fitness continued to grow through the years and upon graduation, I took up a post as a yoga-cum-fitness instructor at a commercial gym. Before long, I left to start my own private practice and now I work predominantly within the expat circles in Singapore. What's the best thing about being a Fitness Professional?
Indra Khan: It's seeing my clients' physiques, image and self-confidence changing right before my eyes.  Oh, and of course I do enjoy the freedom and the flexibility from having my own business. What's the worst thing then ?
Indra Khan: Well, certain clients can be quite unrealistic when it comes to what they can or cannot achieve with their underlying genetic potential; and it can take a while to get through to them that NOT everybody can look like a fitness model! Other than that, I think I'm one real fortunate gal - who is living her dream life every day! Can you tell us more about your fitness philosophy?
Indra Khan: I'm a firm believer in Integrated Training or Multiple-Joint Training: no human tissue ever works in isolation, and therefore, training should never focus on isolated movements as well! Also, I like to emphasize the importance of nutrition and recovery in any and every fitness program. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Indra Khan: On the personal side, training is and will always be part of my lifestyle. Professional-wise, I hope to expand my yoga-cum-fitness business and own a chain of boutique yoga-fitness gyms in the near future. How does one contact you if we are interested in your services?
Indra Khan: Please visit me at my personal website at or call me direct at 91234567 between 7am and 11pm.








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