How To Grow Your Fitness Business




The following are some ways to bring in more business, more clients and more profits for your business each year.


#1 - Expand Your Services 


Are you still offering the same, old services to your target market year-after-year? Then it may be time to ask yourself how you could ADD new products and/or new services to your current business.


Think along the lines of diversifying your product or services (such as building up a back-end line offering supplements, workout gear etc) - so as to give your current clients greater OPTIONS and a WIDER selection. 



#2 - Target Other Markets 


If you're currently training only adults, start marketing (and getting certified) to work with kids as well. If you're targeting only the office/working population at the moment, try reaching out to the stay-at-home population segment as well etc etc .......


Whatever it is, look out for, and target other untapped markets with huge growth potential.  



#3 - Implement A Referral System 


Set up a referral system so that you can attract a steady stream of referrals to you all-year long. Make sure you have a list of procedures to follow through on all referrals, as well as a reward/incentive system in place to reward those who bring in these additional revenue for you. 



#4 - Increase Your Prices


Most trainers out there try to compete on price alone (which NEVER EVER work out for any type of business in the long run), and in the process, seriously undermine their own fitness business and their own worth. So do yourself a favour, and STOP charging low rates or giving discounts to attract clients. Instead, start looking for ways to add value to your services so that you can justify increasing your hourly rates. 



#5 - Be Visible


In order to grow your business, you need to make sure that you are out there in front of people where others can FIND you and your services!


To quote marketing guru Dan Kennedy: "You Can't Do Business Sitting On Your Ass." So, in order to increase your business and profits, make sure you first seek to INCREASE your visibility to the world out there.


Market yourself vigorously both online and offline, go to networking events, send out media releases, hand out flyers at street corners, or list yourself in your local fitness directory.


Whichever method you choose, JUST DO IT!


Always remember: If People Can't Find You, You CAN'T Do Business! 



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