Business Lessons From Top Fitness Pros




What do Eric Cressey, Martin Rooney, Jason Ferrugia and Mike Boyle - all have in common? Unless you have been living in a cave, you would undoubtedly know that they are some of the BIGGEST and Most Respected names in the fitness industry in the world today, and also Highly-Successful entrepreneurs and business owners in their own right.


All of them share certain unique experiences and characteristics which help to propel them to the very top of their respective fitness niches.

Here, we will share with you some of the invaluable lessons that we have managed to glean from their respective success stories:



Lesson #1 - Listen To Your Customers 


All successful fitness pros LISTEN to their clients and GIVE them what they want. Unless you learn to really listen to your clients, and cater to their fitness needs, you will NEVER succeed! So take a moment to really listen to, and take heed of what your target niche's needs and wants are, and then meet these needs by packaging it all up to sell to them!



Lesson #2 - Deliver Extraordinary Experiences   


In order to keep your clients coming back for more and to attract hordes of new ones, you have to make sure that your fitness services STAND-OUT from all the rest! Create such a vibrant, unforgettable and stimulating experience for your clients - that they can't help but become raving fans, and actively spread the word on your behalf - on how GREAT you and your business are!



Lesson #3 - Stay Focused  


Highly-successful fitness pros focus on what they do BEST and LOVE! Avoid the temptation to be a COPYCAT - following blindly the latest fads and trends in the industry. Ultimately, you may end up nothing more than a Cheap Imitation of others! Always focus and fall back on your own strengths, your own prior experiences and your own beliefs - and let them be your guiding light in creating your own business approach.



Lesson #4 - Maximize Relationships 


The BEST and the most SOUGHT-AFTER fitness pros in the fitness industry are invariably those who learn how to connect to their clients on ALL levels - mentally, intellectually and emotionally. Every one of the above-mentioned fitness pros are EXPERTS in Human Relations & Interpersonal Communication. Work towards being "THE" solution to your clients in their lives, and they can never do without you again!   



Lesson #5 - Network With Like-Minded People


TOP fitness pros spend as much time networking with other like-minded, highly-successful 'go-getters' - as they do on their own day-to-day businesses and coaching.

If you truly want to succeed, make sure that you constantly surround yourself with TOP-NOTCH people - those who are BETTER and MORE successful than you are. Only then, can you learn from them, rise up and be just as successful!  


We hope you have enjoyed reading the above article: "Business Lessons From Top Fitness Pros".


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