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Don Salaudin


Certified Fitness Lifestyle Consultant & Professional Personal Trainer - National Academy Of Sports Medicine, School of Excellence-California Fitness Orchard, Fitness Anywhere TRX

Certified Kickboxing Instructor - International Kickboxing Federation

CPR Status:    

June 2014 to June 2016

Years Of Experience: 14

Don is an experienced Singapore-based Fitness Lifestyle Consultant and Professional Personal Trainer. He is certified in multiple fitness disciplines and brings more than 14 years of practical fitness expertise and experience to his craft.


Born and bred here in Singapore, Don is a fun, easy-going, yet ambitious and hardworking person by nature. He also happens to be a Manhunt Finalist & Award Winner in 2001.


Right now, Don focuses on providing fitness services to individuals who have very little time to spend in the fitness center and who relish quick results within the shortest period of time. This is when ‘Fitness at your Doorstep’ was born.


Over the past years, Don has invested much time in researching and developing new fitness programs to suit different types of individuals: individuals who need specialized conditioning or customized attention.


Launched in June 2006, Don’s Training System offers an in-depth personal training approach that emphasizes on correcting postural and muscular imbalances: common problems faced by most city-dwellers due to a sedentary lifestyle, prolonged usage of desktops and laptops and a consequence of living in a high-stress environment.


On top of that, Don’s fitness services also focus on helping athletes, sports participants and other recreational exercisers enhance their training efficiency and prevent injuries by strengthening their physical foundations and correcting any muscular and/or postural imbalances.


His programs are customized to complement every individual's unique and special needs, and he strongly believes in striving to bring better programs to his clients each and every time.

Achievements: Over the years, Don has attained the following stellar achievements:
  • Oct 1995 - Won BRONZE medal for National Physical Fitness Test (1995 & 1996)
  • Apr 2000 - Awarded Black Belt in TAE-KWON-DO
  • Oct 2000 - Won 2nd placing (Silver Award) for Inter-Troop Boxing Competition
  • Nov 2001 - Won the Title & Trophy Mr. Personality 2001 from MANHUNT
  • Mar 2003 - Won Top Personal Trainer Trophy for Top in Sales for Personal Training
  • Aug 2006 - Won Top Personal Trainer Trophy for Top in Sales for Personal Training
  • Aug 2008 - Won Top Personal Trainer Trophy for Top in Sales for Personal Training

In his years working in various fitness establishments as a Senior Personal Trainer – including stints at California Fitness Centre, Planet Fitness, True Fitness and Sky ‘The Premier Fitness Lifestyle Club’, Planet Fitness, True Fitness, Vincharm Spa & Fitness Club (Hanoi), Body Craft Fitness & Elite Core Fitness Club & Studio - Don was entrusted with the following duties for these organizations:

  • Handling walk-in customers and converting potential prospects with membership and personal training.

  • Working hand-in-hand with sales team to evaluate potential customers’ fitness levels and proposing customized fitness programs for sales conversion.

  • Conducting personal training and making sure clients’ health targets were being met in the shortest period of time professionally.


  • Retaining clients for Personal Training (monthly) and Membership (yearly) renewal.

As a Fitness Club General Manager at Vincharm Spa & Fitness Club (Vietnam, Hanoi), Don also carried out the following initiatives:

  • Carrying out comprehensive market research

  • Advising on purchase of equipment

  • Advising on lay-out of the Fitness Center

  • Advising on kinds of services provided to customers

  • Advising on methods for operation and management of the Fitness Center, including Systematic Business Management Processes, Customer Relationship Processes, Operation Processes,

  • Establishment of SOP for the Gymnasiums

  • Establishment of the POS Standard Reporting System for the Management and Operation

  • Advising on preparing documents associated with the management and operation, including but not limited to: documents for introduction of services, documents for customers evaluation, and establishing and preparing exercising programs

  • Advising on hiring of appropriate trainers & training them

  • Advising on hiring of appropriate stewards for juice bar & training them

  • Advising on types of supplements to be used

  • Advising on set-up of sports bar and menu

  • Providing necessary training on matters relating to the gymnasiums and management and operation thereof

As a Self-Employed Fitness Lifestyle Consultant & Professional Personal Trainer, Don now focuses on:

  • Identifying and converting potential prospects with personal training

  • Conducting personal training and making sure clients health goals are being met in the shortest period of time professionally.

  • Retaining clients for personal training.

  • Sourcing and dealing with potential investors for setting up of new fitness chains.

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Interview Transcript : Click here to learn more about Don, his life and his fitness philosophy.
  • personal training
  • Fitness Coaching
  • Core training
  • Sports nutrition
  • Sports Performance
  • Sports Massage
  • Boot Camps
  • strength-&-conditioning
  • Suspension Training
  • Cardio Kickboxing
  • speed/agility training
  • Fat Loss
  • Bodybuilding
  • Muscle-Building
  • toning/shaping
  • Men & Women Fitness
  • Children Fitness
Working Location:   Island-Wide
Working Times: 11am - 10pm
Rates : $86/hour

Contact Information:  

Mobile - 91081781


Website -




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