Killer Mistakes That Fitness Pros Make And How To Avoid Them




The following are some of the most common fitness business mistakes that you MUST avoid if you like to enjoy success in your fitness career. 


Mistake #1 - Following The Crowd 


This is the typical mistake of 'going with the flow' or what human behaviour experts call the "monkey see, monkey do" phenomenon.


In other words, whatever is the Latest, the Newest, or the most Fashionable training tool, approach, or principle in the market right now, the average fitness pro would be saying to himself/herself: "Hey, if others are doing it, let's do it too!"  


Actually, going with the crowd - strictly in a sense - may NOT be a bad thing in itself. In fact, it has its place and occasion depending on numerous factors.  


However, when it is done - merely to keep up with the crowd, or 'to be one of the Joneses' with absolutely NO consideration of your own business direction, target market, area of expertise, strengths/weaknesses or even your own personality - is a TRAGEDY waiting to unfold!  


The solution: STOP worrying about what others are doing and STOP following the crowd!  


Develop your own unique style, approach or philosophy based on your own strengths, your own personality and your own business strategy and simply focus on doing what you do BEST



Mistake #2 - Lacking Proper Systems In Place  


Do you have a proper Client Marketing System in place?  


Do you happen to have a Client Retention System in place?  


Or what about a Client Referral System? 


If you answer "No" or "Don't Know" or worse "Don't Care" to any of the above, you are in SERIOUS trouble! 


By "systems" we mean having a Step-By-Step Action Plan that you can follow and replicate each and every time a particular situation arise so as to get your desired results.


For instance, if a current client is coming to his/her tail-end of training sessions in a package, you would immediately initiate Step A of your Client Retention Strategy, follow by Step B, and then Step C and so on etc etc ..... In other words, there is a FIXED process of action to follow through for each client when this particular stage is reached. 


When you have systems in place, EVERYTHING flows together seamlessly and that is when you start reaping the REWARDS of your hard work!



Mistake #3 - NOT Investing In Yourself 


When was the last time you attended a conference, seminar or workshop related to fitness, marketing or self-improvement?  


How long has it been since you last signed-up for a course on a subject pertaining to your business/area of interest ?


When was the last time you went online to do some serious research and note-taking on the latest developments in the fitness industry?  


The point is this: if you're NOT investing in your own education, or keeping up with the changes around you, or upgrading on a regular basis (as in every 2-3 months or so), you are only setting yourself up for FAILURE!


Remember: there is NO end to learning, and the world does NOT stay still for you.


Keep learning for life and build the discipline to set aside time for yourself to focus on your own upgrading and re-education.



Mistake #4 - NOT Seeking Out A Mentor 


Too many fitness pros try to "go at it alone", or at best, seek out a few like-minded buddies (who, unfortunately, are all at the SAME level of know-how and experience as one another) and then they wonder why things are NOT working out well for them.


In any industry, including the fitness one, there are always going to be people around who have MORE expertise, MORE experience and MORE know-how than you and us combined!


These are the MENTORS who are there to help you in your professional development.  


By tapping upon their vast knowledge and experience, you can actually by-pass many of the potential landmines in the fitness business and drastically cut-short your own learning curve!  


So, start by developing a humble learner's attitude, and actively seek out those who can be Potential Mentors to help you out in your career and business.



Mistake #5 - NOT Proactive Enough 


Are you actively seeking out new business, new clients and new opportunities every single day?


Or are you just sitting-by passively, waiting for business to drop miraculously into your lap? 


Remember folks: you have to be PROACTIVE in your business: from building your networks, to your follow-up efforts on any initial calls or contacts from prospects, right down to your marketing and publicity efforts .....


Always keep in mind: ACTION - not inaction - is your Key To Success!



Mistake #6 - Failing To Build Proper Relationships


Remember the saying: "People DON'T care how much you know, they want to know how much you CARE!"


All the certifications, qualifications and awards that you have will count for NOTHING in your clients' eyes if you FAIL to connect and relate to them on a personal level.


A trainer who has just a basic fitness cert but with SUPERB inter-personal skills will almost certainly be 100% More Successful than another who may have a Ph.D. in Sports Science but LACKING the proper inter-personal and relationship skills!!!    


Focus on building deep and meaningful relationships with your clients, your acquaintances and even your competitors, and see for yourself how success automatically follows you wherever you go! 


We hope you have enjoyed reading the above article: "Killer Mistakes That Fitness Pros Make And How To Avoid Them".


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