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Thank You for requesting a trainer, coach or instructor through us.

Our unique service allows you - the Fitness Public - to post a fitness request for a specific provider - across Singapore -complete with your own set of terms and conditions.

This will greatly increase your chances of a Good Match with a fitness professional who is willing to match your budget, travel to your specific location, and meet your other criteria and requirements.

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Note :  

Please be informed that only forms with fully-furnished information will be processed.

Your personal particulars will NEVER be revealed in the public post. Only general information pertaining to your request will be shown.

Once your post is reviewed and accepted by us, it will be put up on our web site for our professional members to view and apply.

Your post will remain ACTIVE for 1 month, after which it will be archived. You may RE-POST your fitness request again if that happens.

In the event that a fitness provider responds to your request, you will receive an email from us immediately with the contact information and professional particulars of the fitness professional concerned.

Likewise, we will also release YOUR contact information to the fitness professional.

It is then up to you - both parties - to initiate contact and discuss terms and conditions.

If, for some reason, an agreement cannot be reached, or if you decide not to engage the fitness provider, you can always choose to RE-ACTIVATE your job post again and open it to new applicants simply by contacting us. You can also choose to delete your post anytime you wish.

If at any time you decide to change your mind, delete your post, or engage a fitness professional from elsewhere, please also contact us to update/remove your posting.

Important : will NEVER be involved NOR be responsible - in ANY way - for the negotiations, interactions and/or relationships between clients and providers.

For more information, please view our FAQs or Terms & Conditions.

By submitting the above information, you hereby agree to be bound by ALL terms and conditions governing the use of this website and its services.





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