Do You Have What It takes To Be A Fitness Client?


Engaging your personal home/mobile fitness professional here in Singapore is a Two-Way Traffic.


Much as you would like your trainer/coach to live up to your expectations, likewise, your fitness provider would also harbor similar expectations of you!


In order NOT to be labeled as the next "Client From HELL" you would do well to heed the following advice so as to justify your trainer's commitment to you, and investment in you.


Below herewith are some considerations that you may want to ponder over BEFORE contacting or engaging any Singapore Fitness Professional:

1. Learn To Respect Your Trainer/Coach/Instructor


A Fitness Professional is someone who has invested much of his/her life into the study of Fitness Science, Nutritional Principles and other facets of fitness learning and education. The least you could do for him/her is to show some respect for that person's learning, knowledge and experience.


DON'T be one of those self-professed "Fitness Know-It-Alls" - who have picked up fragments of fitness information from the Internet, Youtube, off-the-rack 'men's' or 'women's' magazines, and basically from God knows where - and then proceed to give your trainer/coach a HELL-Of-A-TIME by questioning and dissecting EVERYTHING he or she does with you in your training session.


If you do that, you can be sure that you'll be OUT of a trainer in NO time, and worse, your reputation as a "difficult" client will precede you wherever you go!


2. Have Realistic Expectations


Your trainer/coach is NOT a miracle worker. If you're born with BELOW-AVERAGE genetics, or have a very POOR foundation in fitness - there's only SO MUCH that your trainer/coach can do for you!!! 


Therefore, learn to be AT PEACE with yourself, and to have realistic expectations of what you and your body can achieve. If you insist that you can become the next Mr Universe or Miss Super Model - contrary to all existing evidence and logic - you'll be setting yourself up for BIG-TIME DISAPPOINTMENT!!!


3. Do Your Part!


Most fitness professionals are more than willing to dish out advice, provide recommendations or even assign "home-work" or additional tasks for you to do on your own, so as to help you achieve your fitness goals - faster and more efficiently. However, if you are the type who insist on ignoring your fitness provider's advice, and persist with your own "Anti-Fitness" lifestyle, then you'll probably be going to see MINIMAL - if ANY results at all; and you'll probably be increasing the likelihood of running into conflicts with your coach/instructor/trainer when he/she checks-in on your progress!


Please - do everyone a favour - just do YOUR part and YOUR homework - and life would be so much easier for you as well as for your fitness provider!



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