How To Choose The RIGHT Singapore Fitness Professional For Your Fitness Needs


Whether you are looking for a personal trainer, an aerobics instructor or a yoga instructor to go to your home to help you get into shape, there are a number of criteria and considerations which you - as a Fitness Client - should carefully consider before making your choice.

Here, in no particular order, are some of the main areas for you to ponder over:

1.   Ask Yourself What You want To Achieve & How You Are Going To Achieve It

First, and foremost, you need to specifically know what your fitness goals are, and by what means you are going to achieve them. For instance, if you are seeking for greater overall body flexibility, and an improved sense of balance and inner calm, then it makes sense for you to engage a personal Yoga Instructor RATHER than a Personal Trainer. Similarly, if you love water-based activities, and would like to get into shape while working out in the pool, then you are better-off searching for an Aqua Coach or an Aqua Aerobics Instructor, and NOT a Land-Based Personal Trainer!

It may seem pretty obvious to some of us, but you may be surprised at the actual number of "MIS-matches" there are in the real world! We sincerely hope you won't make the same mistake that others before you have.

TIP : Know WHAT you want, and HOW you want to achieve it, before sourcing for a fitness provider!

2.   Scrutinize The Qualifications Of Your Fitness Service Provider

Your Professional Fitness Service Provider MUST be suitably certified in his/her area of specialty in order to provide you with a safe and effective exercise experience.

The following are some pointers to look out for:

  • Check the CREDIBILITY of your fitness provider's certifying/educational organization.

    A credible Fitness Educational/Qualifying Process would entail the following:

    • enrolment in an institution or school with a Board/Panel of credible Fitness Educators,
    • Presence of a Structured Learning Process with on-going, in-built Independent Assessments; and
    • The presence of verifiable, unbiased Third-Party Evaluation Procedures.

    Consumer Note: There are numerous certifying agencies in the world for the various fitness vocations - from personal training to Yoga to Pilates. NO single certification/diploma/degree is necessarily better or superior to another - contrary to what you may have read or been told elsewhere. In truth, every qualification comes with its own plus- and minus-points, benefits and disadvantages, supporters and detractors; very often the degree of importance/significance attached to a particular qualification varies greatly even from one part of the world to another! BEWARE of trainers or coaches who tout or hype their qualifications as being the 'ONLY Recognized One', 'the BEST', the 'Gold Standard' or simply 'Superior' to others; - often some form of propaganda, agenda and/or politicking are at play in these instances! Be Warned!)

TIP : Have a nice, slow chat with your Fitness Service Provider and find out from him/her the ACTUAL FLOW or PROCESS of his/her educational journey!

  • Check the VALIDITY of your fitness provider's certifications and qualifications 

Not many are aware of this fact, but do note that your fitness service provider's certifications or qualifications often come with EXPIRY DATES!

These expiry dates are there for a reason: to ensure that ALL Fitness Professionals partake in Continuous Self-Learning so as to keep their skills updated, relevant and fresh. In fact, fitness professionals are often required to accumulate sufficient Continuing Education Credits in order to RENEW their certifications or 'licenses'! 

Consumer Note: Holders of fitness-related degrees and higher tertiary qualifications, which - technically speaking - have "no expiry dates" to speak of, are also OBLIGATED to keep themselves RELEVANT due to the fast, evolving nature of the Fitness Industry. Actually, some studies have shown that Degrees do become 'outdated' or obsolete as short as after 3 years !!! ).

Also, degree holders and post-graduates in the fitness field do NOT necessarily make better trainers or coaches than non-degree holders. As in most fields of study, a tertiary fitness education tends to focus predominantly on the following: microscopic examination of fitness issues, research-based scientific models, clinical approaches, laboratory-related work and advanced theoretical studies - much of which - in the words of a respected Fitness Authority:

 " .... may or may NOT have much relevance nor additional benefits for the general population

...  in a day-to-day coaching (training) context." 

Therefore, when selecting your fitness provider, do consider ALL other relevant factors ON TOP of academic achievements.

TIP : Make sure that you are NOT taken for a ride by someone with OUTDATED or EXPIRED certifications!

  • Check for CONTINUITY in your fitness provider's education 

Closely-related to the above, is proof or evidence that your Singapore Fitness Service Provider is committed to his/her own Professional Upgrading !

As a general rule, a serious and professional Fitness Service Provider would have committed himself/herself to some form of UPGRADING or CONTINUAL EDUCATION - whether in the form of workshops, seminars, courses etc - at least ONCE within any 12-month period. Anything longer than that, cast SERIOUS doubts on the individual's professionalism, dedication and relevance.

Committed and serious fitness professionals usually have MULTIPLE advanced/specialty certifications to show for their commitment to Personal Lifelong Learning - and are often the most IN-DEMAND in their respective industries.

TIP : Ask to see EVIDENCE ( eg. Certificates Of Participation, Attendance, Completion etc ) of most recent commitment to self-upgrading. If your service provider can't produce anything that seems recent enough, LOOK ELSEWHERE!

3.    Ask For Testimonials Or Media Reports

Credible fitness professionals are usually highly-sought after by the Media for interviews, opinions, article write-ups etc; and have a healthy portfolio of signed, verifiable testimonials.

Many of these professionals, of course, would like to protect the privacy of their existing clients, and may NOT be forthcoming with actual contact details. Nevertheless, try to see if you can negotiate something with them; or at least try to view some samples of written, audio or even video testimonials, and not forgetting any media articles or snippets related to the fitness provider.

TIP : See or hear for yourself actual testimonials and media reports on your fitness service provider.

4.    Assess YOUR Ability To Get-Along With Your Service Provider

Nothing is more DAMAGING than the clash of 2 distinct, polar opposites in CHARACTER/PERSONALITY.

Use the first meet-up or initial fitness consultation with your Fitness Service Provider to ASSESS and GAUGE your ability to work with that particular individual.

Check for the following traits:

  • Good Command Of Your Spoken Language

  • Good Communication Skills

  • A Personable or Likeable Personality

  • Professional Image And Demeanor

At the same time, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does the person put you AT EASE, or do you feel all tensed-up in his/her presence?

  • Are you able and WILLING to take instructions from this person?

  • Does the person generate TRUST and CONFIDENCE within you?

  • Do you think you are COMFORTABLE seeing this person 2/3 times-a-week or even more?

Your answers to the above would give you a good idea whether your fitness service provider is truly meant for you - and vice versa.

TIP : Make sure that you can get along with the individual before committing yourself!

Well, there you have it, a quick glance at the criteria you should be looking at when selecting your Singapore Fitness Professional.


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