7 Habits Of Highly-Effective Fitness Trainers



Highly-effective fitness trainers and exercise coaches attract success, wealth, happiness and peace into their lives because they choose to live by certain principles.


Many are where they are now, simply because they choose to be DIFFERENT from the Average Joe or Jane on the streets.


Taking a leaf out of Dr Stephen Covey's excellent book: "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People", we will show you how Dr Covey's principles apply just as much to the Fitness Industry as they do to the business community; and how YOU can use these principles to bring about Exceptional Success in your fitness career.


Here are the 7 Habits Of Highly-Effective Fitness Trainers - just for YOU:




Being Proactive means taking responsibility for your own life. You are where you are now because of YOUR own actions or inaction.


For instance, if you are not doing as well as you wish in your fitness career, look within yourself for the reasons.  


STOP blaming external sources for your lack of success.


LOSERS are good at blaming their parents, their genetics, their environment, their government and everything else under the sun - EXCEPT themselves - for not achieving their goals.


Don't be like them!


Take personal responsibility for yourself and focus your efforts on doing what you can to improve your status quo.


Not Enough Clients? Then take POSITIVE ACTION to attract more!


Lack Confidence To Deal With Certain Clients? Then TAKE STEPS to improve your self-confidence and inter-personal relationship skills.


Remember: Proactive people MAKE things happen.


So take positive action and positive steps today to improve your circumstances.




Beginning with the end in mind means you must be able to 'see' where you want to go if you hope to succeed in life.


This concept is based on the principle that all things are created twice. First, there is a mental creation in the mind, followed by the physical creation of the reality. The physical creation will ONLY take place AFTER the mental creation has occurred.


Bearing this mind, it is therefore vital to make a conscious effort to vividly VISUALIZE what you want in life - so that you can shape and mould your own unique destiny!


If your aim is to have a successful fitness/wellness career, take time to create this reality in your imagination.


Vividly VISUALIZE yourself being a popular, successful and much sought-after trainer. Picture your daily schedule packed full with happy, cooperative and grateful clients who keep coming back to you for more and more of your services.


Keep building on this image and make it as real as possible.


If you keep working on this strategy, over time, your thoughts will begin to manifest themselves as REALITY and you would achieve the SUCCESS that you yearn for in your career.




Putting first things first means you put your focus on the very things that you VALUE most in life.


This means organizing and managing your time and activities around the TOP priorities that you have established.


For most of us, succeeding in our fitness/wellness careers is one of the MAIN goals in life.


Thus, your DAY-TO-DAY and MOMENT-TO-MOMENT activities have to CENTER around your career - if you want to see it succeed.


This means putting off unwanted distractions like aimless TV-watching, idle gossip, playing video games and other time-wasting habits so as to focus on BUILDING up your career success.


Put first things first - and your career success will follow.




Thinking win-win is a surefire way to enhance your day-to-day human interaction and collaboration efforts. It also puts you on the path to GREATER success with people, and therefore in your career as well.


Win-win sees life as a cooperative arena, not a competitive one. It is a frame of mind and heart that constantly seeks MUTUAL BENEFIT in all human interactions.


As a fitness/wellness professional, thinking win-win in all situations - with your clients, colleagues and even competitors - will help you reach agreements or solutions that are MUTUALLY beneficial and satisfying to all involved.


YOU WIN - and so does the other party!


More importantly, it puts you in a POSITIVE LIGHT and increases the FEEL-GOOD factor surrounding you and all that you do.


And when such positive vibes abound, they can only translate to better things for you in the long run.




Most problems between people arise simply because each individual desperately seeks to be understood first, rather than learning first to listen to others, and trying to understand others' points of view.


As a fitness professional, if you want to be successful in attracting new clients, closing your sales or enhancing current client relationships, first learn to listen and understand your prospects' or clients' needs, rather than vehemently trying to shove your sales pitch or ideas down their throats!


When others sense that you are really listening to them with an open mind and an open heart, they'll also be more apt to lower their defenses and open their own hearts to you. As a result, you'll gain greater acceptance and reception from others, on top of instilling in them a new sense of respect and admiration for you.


The result - better communication, enhanced positive feelings, and MORE business and clients for you over the long run!




Synergy, in essence, means creative cooperation


In order to succeed in the fitness industry, you CANNOT depend just only on yourself.


You'll need to liaise and interact with others, and more importantly, LEVERAGE on others' expertise, experience, contacts, networks and influences.


One of the best things you can possibly do as a fitness professional is: Get to know as many people as possible from walks of life, and then build meaningful and genuine relationships with them.


When this diverse interaction of human relationships comes to fruition, you'll find new doors of opportunities opening to you faster than you could ever imagine!




Sharpening the saw means taking time-out to renew and rejuvenate your greatest asset - YOU!


Arranging your life solely around your clients will NOT guarantee success.


Nor will fervently immersing yourself in nothing else but training and fitness 24-hours-a-day, bring you any closer to achievement.


Rather, you'll just be priming yourself to be a candidate for TOTAL BURN-OUT - a Complete Collapse of your Entire Being!


If you really want to reach the heights of success in the fitness and wellness industry, take heed of the following advice:


By all means Work Hard, but always Lead A Balanced Life - one that caters to self-renewal in all four areas of your life: physical, social/emotional, mental, and spiritual.


Only then, can you create the optimum conditions for growth and success in your fitness career.


Well, there you have it. The 7 Habits Of Highly-Effective Trainers - that if followed through, will make you one yourself, and put you on the path to greatness and success.


We hope you have enjoyed reading " 7 Habits Of Highly-Effective Fitness Trainers ".


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