25 Fitness Business Success Tips From The Trenches




What better way to increase your chances of success in the fitness industry than by learning the ropes from those who have been there, done that.

In this article, we have managed to tap upon the expertise of some of the TOP professionals in the fields of fitness and wellness from Singapore and from around the world, and via their lives and successes, 'expose' to you their formula for success.


So here are their 'nuggets of wisdom', condensed just for YOU:

1. Always Treat Your Training/Coaching As A BUSINESS - take it seriously even if you are just starting-out and have only one single client.


2. SELL Your Uniqueness - always focus your selling point on that ONE THING, that specifically separates you from all the other trainers, and constantly drum this difference into your sales pitch.


3. Getting clients is the LIFEBLOOD of your business - so make sure you have a decent, workable Business Plan.


4. Always Portray An Image Of Confidence, Professionalism, and Competency - wherever you are, because you NEVER know who's observing you!


5. Always PROMOTE Yourself & Your Services - in any and every situation.


6. DARE To Ask Your Existing Clients For Referrals - this is one of the easiest ways to get leads for yourself!


7. Always NETWORK With Fellow Professionals - because your next client/lead/recommendation may very well come from one of them!

8. Give Your Clients POSITIVE REINFORCEMENTS - give out praises and encouragements liberally - everyone needs them!

9. Be SOCIABLE - the more outgoing you are in this business, the more success you will have.


10. Always OVER-DELIVER On Your Promises - people won't mind your high rates if you give them more than what they think they are paying!


11. SURPRISE Your Clients - from time-to-time, with unexpected gifts on their birthdays, anniversaries, festive occasions etc.


12. BREAKDOWN Each Working Day Into The Following: 70% training clients, 15% marketing your services, and 15% on strategic planning.

13. Always Make Your Clients FEEL GOOD - about what they have done, and are currently doing to improve themselves.


14. Show Your Clients YOU CARE FOR THEM - people don't really care about how much you know, but how much you care.

15. PATTERN Your Personality After Your Client's - Learn to recognize your client's personality and then pattern your personality after his/hers. This will help guarantee a successful relationship with them.


16. Always Make Your Sessions FUN - fun-filled, interesting workouts will ensure that your clients keep coming back for more!


17. Never DE-VALUE your services - Don't give-in to clients' demands for free or deeply-discounted sessions! Remember: you are a PROFESSIONAL, and a professional charges professional rates!


18. Think OUTSIDE OF THE BOX - on ways to generate more clients and more income for yourself.


19. Always Portray An Image of Being BUSY And IN-DEMAND - clients want to train with a professional who is popular and in high demand. If they feel everybody wants you, they would sense that they are missing out on something if they're not working with you.


20. When in doubt - DON'T SAY IT.


21. Put On Your Best Behaviour Always - treat every social function as a Business Event! Don't get drunk or let loose yourself to such an extent that you look foolish. You don't want to embarrass yourself and lose a potential client.


22. Avoid Burnout - burnout is one of the most common occupational hazards of being a Freelancer/Independent Trainer. Give yourself sometime off at least once-a-week. Take short vacations. Attend empowering courses. REFRESH yourself continually so that you can have a more positive impact on your clients when you return.


23. Never BURN A BRIDGE With A Client - you never know when you might need them again!

24. Be KIND To Everyone You Meet - we live in a small world: you never know who you might run into, or who you might require help from, one of these days.

25. SUCCESS Is 80% Human Relationship Skills - and only 20% fitness/wellness knowledge. Work on the Over-Whelming 80% and more than half of your battle is won!



We hope you have enjoyed reading the above article: "25 Fitness Business Success Tips From The Trenches".


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