How To Retain Your Fitness Clients For Life



Retaining clients should always be the top priority for fitness/wellness professionals.


Unfortunately, today, too many pros are so obsessed with generating new clients that they forget that the real "Gold" lies in ensuring that their current clients stay with them - for as long as possible!


Market research has shown time and again that it is always much easier to "sell & re-sell" to one's own existing clientele than to sell to new ones.


The following strategies will show you how you can retain your current crop of clients, and get them coming back for more!


1. Demonstrate Outstanding Passion To Your Calling


Show - via your speech, actions  and body language - that you are genuinely passionate about your calling, and truly seek your clients' best interests in whatever you do!


When your clients can discern your passion, and see that you really do care about them, they'll stick with you for life - come hell or high water!



2. Set And Maintain High Standards


Always set and maintain high standards before your clients - regardless whether you are consulting, assessing, correcting or spotting them.


NEVER let your guard down and lower your standards even for a moment - for that moment may return to haunt you at a time you least expect!


Yes, we are all human beings, and we DO make mistakes.


And when that happens, be BIG enough to admit your mistakes, apologize and MOVE ON!


And do all you can NEVER to veer away from your high professional standards again!



3. Look and Act Like A Pro - All The Time!


Make sure that that your physical appearance and demeanour all shout out one word - "Professional" - to your clients.


Never Ever let your hair down - in front of your clients - regardless of situations, locations or familiarity!


There are simply too many cases of "severed ties" caused by a careless moment of casualness; and these could drastically change a client's opinion of you - forever!!!


Maintain your professionalism - at all times  - and you'll be sure to earn the respect and undying loyalty of your clients!



4. You're In The Spotlight... So Perform!


Remember - once you put on your fitness professional's hat, you're in the spotlight - like it or not!


Every time you answer the phone, do a consultation session, conduct a training session, or even walk on the streets - Bingo! You're On Stage! You're In The Spotlight!


Maximize these opportunities to "perform", to "impress", to "captivate" your audience.


If your performance is great, your clients will always come back for more...and more....and more.


So set aside any reservations and .... perform to the best of your ability!



5. Be THE Solution


Your clients come to you to fix a problem in their lives - whether it's a bad back, a saggy waistline or poor physical coordination - make sure you provide the solution and fix their problems well!


Always analyze your clients' needs carefully, and adopt the approach with your clients' best interests in mind - to help them solve their fitness issues.


When the day comes that your clients see you as an indispensable "solution" to their health/fitness problems, they will always want you to be an integral part of their lives.



6. Stand Out From The Crowd


Practice being someone who sees MORE than others, who hears MORE than others and who makes it their business to do MORE than others.


When you can achieve all these, you'll never have to worry about sales or money again.


Your clients will automatically want to "stick" to you and you'll enjoy the distinction of being a Leader and a Mentor to all those around you.


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