Mistakes To Avoid In Your Fitness Business



Embarking on any business will come with its rewards and risks. No matter how careful or knowledgeable you are, mistakes WILL happen.

Still, if you keep an open mind and heed the advice of others who have gone down the same path before you, you can dodge many of the more common missteps.

Here are the 5 most frequent mistakes that newbies make with their fitness businesses, and some advice on how to avoid the potholes.  

Mistake 1 : Spreading Yourself Too Thin.

Too many fitness professionals have the habit of jumping at EVERY and ANY fitness opportunity or coaching assignment that comes along. As long as that something sounds good, profitable or beneficial, they want to be part of it.

Unfortunately, this behaviour will only result in one thing: spreading yourself out too thin and inviting BURNOUT, FRUSTRATION and needless SUFFERING to yourself.

Lesson To Learn: Take things ONE at a time and learn to be selective in what you choose to take on!

Mistake 2 : Taking On Bad Clients

Like the above, often in a quest to build up one's clientele base quickly and increase one's immediate profits, many fitness professionals JUMP at every opportunity to sign-up clients - albeit indiscriminately - without even a thought.

Unfortunately, this practice often leads to a pool of "low-quality" clients being drawn into your business circle: clients that have deep-seated physical, emotional, financial, or even mental issues and problems that NO OTHER savvy trainer would want to take on, and who are only too keen to DUMP on you - the poor, unsuspecting fitness professional.

Lesson To Learn: SCREEN & SELECT your clients carefully! It is NEVER worth the cost to take on "problematic" clients - just for the sake of money - as they will return to HAUNT you - one way or another!

Mistake 3: Pricing Yourself Too Cheap

Many fitness professionals fall for the fallacy that clients are attracted to cost. They believe that if they charge rock-bottom prices, they will be able to ATTRACT a stampeding pool of clients and they'll become millionaires in no time.

Sorry folks, but it doesn't work that way.

At best, your pricing will tell others that you are a below-average, run-of-the-mill, budget-type trainer.

At worst, you are branding yourself as a DESPERATE CASE who is willing to do anything and everything just to close a deal!

Lesson To Learn: Before pricing your services, do the math. Calculate fixed and variable costs. Research current market and competitive price points. Develop your own Unique Selling Proposition ( "USP" ) & always CHARGE WHAT YOU'RE WORTH!

Mistake 4: Clueless About Marketing

Fitness professionals are notorious for their poor/non-existing marketing skills. Many abhor the thought of "selling" or "advertising" their fitness services to the public.

Unfortunately, this mentality can only mean one thing: POOR Sales and POOR Business!

That's why, in Real-Life Singapore, FEW fitness entrepreneurs truly earn a commanding income.

Lesson To Learn: Always market, Market and MARKET yourself ! If you think you can't do it well, or simply refuse to do it for whatever reason, ENGAGE the services of a marketing company or JOIN a professional network that can promote and advertise your services!

Lesson 5 : Failure To Collect Money On Time

Making sales may seem like a hard thing, but collecting money from people can be even harder!

Many fitness professionals face cash flow problems today simply because they fail to collect their dues from their clients on time.

Over the long run, if this problem is not curtailed, the rot will eventually set in and your business will SUFFER the indignity of an untimely end.

Lesson To Learn: ALWAYS make sure you're paid on time! Never feel bad chasing after money that BELONGS TO YOU!


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