Your Professional Image As A Fitness Service Provider



Image is IMPORTANT - especially when you're a Fitness Professional here in Singapore.
Even if you have the HIGHEST qualifications, the BEST training methodologies, the most OUTSTANDING physique - it all counts for naught if you portray a wrong or negative image of yourself to your prospective clients.
By image, we are referring mainly to our
outward demeanor- the way we dress, the way we look and the way we carry ourselves.

To be fair, most fitness/wellness trainers, coaches and instructors do seem to dress quite professionally.

However, they are a few whose dress sense and body image seems totally inappropriate, or even bordering on the bizarre - take the case of a particular private trainer, seen here in Singapore, who is always seen in his dark shades (even indoors!), mini-tank-top, cut-off jeans and extensive body piercings and tattoos whenever he is coaching!

Don't get us wrong, we are not saying that you cannot BE Yourself or even be UNIQUE.

By all means, please do - but do remember to draw a line somewhere - bearing in mind that we are in the Fitness/Wellness Profession, and NOT in the Performing Arts or the Circus!

Also, keep in mind that your clients as well as Members of the Public are constantly watching and judging you - like it or not.

For all you know, you may be LOSING more than your fair share of clients, assignments and projects BECAUSE of the way you look and the way you portray yourself!
So remember, when at work, always DRESS ACCORDINGLY, and ACT ACCORDINGLY as a Fitness/Wellness Professional should.


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