Top 3 Career Mistakes That All Singapore Fitness Professionals Should Avoid.



Carving out a career as a fitness professional in Singapore can be very lucrative, but also extremely challenging. In order to truly succeed  - in very sense of the word - a fitness professional needs to look out for the following pitfalls as he/she builds up the fitness business:

Mistake 1 : Complacency

Many trainers/instructors hit this mark once they have attained a comfortable level of income and clientele base. Thinking that they "Have Arrived", they started to 'to take things easy' and show a general decline in many of the areas which have brought them their initial success.

They show less enthusiasm for their clients, they start to neglect their professional image, they become less committed to self-upgrading and lifelong learning, and some even begin to act like "divas" and self-professed "gurus" to all those around them.

It is no coincidence then that FAILURE usually meets these coaches/trainers/instructors round the corner - when they least expect it - in one form or another, resulting in bitterness, disillusionment and disappointment.

To avoid being sucked into this trap, all fitness professionals should sit up and take note: no matter how high you have risen, NEVER EVER become complacent!

KEEP ON doing all the things which have made you successful and popular in the first place, and then seek to do some more.

Embrace lifelong learning in your profession, character development, and other worthwhile pursuits, and most important of all, maintain a HUMBLE attitude at all times.

Success will then stick to you - as long as you keep up the good work.

Mistake 2 : Over-Commitment

Another potential pitfall for may fitness professionals is that they tend to OVER-commit themselves in their business - especially in 'good times' when demand is high for their fitness services. It is not uncommon for many highly-sought-after trainers to have client sessions scheduled almost back-to-back from 6am in the morning till 11pm at night! If that's not a formula for BURNOUT we don't know what else is!

No doubt, in the initial stages, the financial rewards of such a hectic lifestyle surpasses whatever misgivings that an individual may have. But SURELY, in the long run, many will hit the wall with a serious case of PHYSICAL, MENTAL & EMOTIONAL BURNOUT!

If you find yourself lacking the initial enthusiasm which you used to have for your clients and your training sessions, merely going through the motions day-to-day, and looking forward to the END of each day rather than the beginning, or yearning for an Extended Break from all coaching activities, then, you're very likely reached the BREAKING POINT of your threshold!

From today onwards, learn to say "NO" to more, and cut yourself some slack.

If you can, space out some of your current commitments, and INVEST more time on nurturing yourself.

Aim for a SLOWER pace of life and as the saying goes, learn to 'Smell The Roses Along The Way'.

If you make the above changes, then you'll eventually enjoy much more Longevity, Fulfillment, Joy, and yes, even SUCCESS, in your fitness journey.

Mistake 3: Lack Of Business Knowledge

Too may instructors, trainers and coaches enter the fitness profession thinking that "armed" with their qualifications, and a deep passion for all things fitness, they are more than equipped to succeed in the fitness industry.

Unfortunately, they can't be further from the truth.

Yes, the above factors play a major part in one's overall success, but one VITAL missing ingredient in many fitness professionals' mindsets is: the knowledge and ability to run and operate a business - which is what you will be doing as an Independent, Solo or Freelance professional - where you're IN business FOR yourself!

In fact, research has consistently shown that the LACK of business knowledge has accounted for MORE failures and dropouts in any industry, than any other factors combined!

So what can you do as a private, independent or freelance fitness professional?

Start by doing all you can to learn how to run a successful 'one-man' business: read up on business laws and regulations, marketing techniques, advertising strategies, entrepreneurship and even salesmanship.

Always remember: once you're a freelancer or an independent operator, you basically running a ONE-MAN BUSINESS - like it or not. Therefore, you might as well do yourself a favour, and learn all you can about running successful businesses.

Well, there you have it - a quick glance at what some of the common career mistakes that Singapore Fitness Professionals commit, and how you can avoid them.


We hope you have enjoyed our article: Top 3 Career Mistakes That All Singapore Fitness Professionals Should Avoid.


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