What Separates The Successful Singapore Fitness Professional From The Rest?



Like all other industries, personnel in the Singapore Fitness Industry can be broadly classified into 3 main categories:

  • the TOP 5% - the ELITE Performers
  • the Average Majority
  • the Bottom Rung (or the under-performers)

In this article, we are concerned with the first and foremost category, and will attempt to explore the main characteristics which distinguish these ELITE, TOP Fitness Professionals - regardless whether they are aerobics instructors, Yoga teachers or personal trainers - from the rest, and how YOU too, can also be like one of them - by MODELING after some of these characteristics.

In no particular order, these are the main features that an ELITE fitness professional in Singapore possesses - based on our research:

1.  TOP Fitness Professionals are Dedicated To Their Craft

Many of these TOP performers are DEEPLY-PASSIONATE and DEDICATED to their vocation.

They spend large amounts of TIME, ENERGY & MONEY in finding out more and learning more about their chosen fitness vocation.

Even when they're not coaching or training their clients, they invest much of their time in studying scientific publications, attending industry talks, courses, workshops, seminars, exploring new training/dietary methodologies so as to help their clients better, and of course, polishing and refining their art of communication, coaching and instructing. 

These professionals often also possess the rare virtue of HUMILITY - knowing that despite all their knowledge, there is still often SO MUCH MORE to learn about their field; and correspondingly, they often have this unquenchable THIRST and DESIRE for MORE knowledge, and MORE of anything and everything related to their craft.

2. TOP Fitness Professionals Practice What They Preach

Ironically, in today's complex society, many so-called "fitness professionals" simply do NOT practice what they preach or advocate to their clients. Instead, these individuals often portray the VERY behaviours and lifestyles that they warn their own clients about!  

Such contradictions could be seen in habitual manifestations like: alcohol-consumption, smoking, drug abuse (both of recreational and performance-enhancing varieties), late-night partying, binging, or simply NOT bothering to stay in shape at all. 

You can be sure that these "fitness professionals" will NOT make it to the TOP category of their chosen profession - as long as they continue in their current mindsets and lifestyles.

On the other hand, we find the ELITE, TOP performers exhibiting the exact opposite characteristics. These performers are those who "Walk The Talk" and show tremendous Professional Discipline in every aspect of their own lives.

These individuals often lead Clean, Healthy, Disciplined Lives, and are truly an INSPIRATION to their clients, as well as great Role Models to their fellow peers. 

It is therefore NO surprise that they are where they are now, given their self-discipline and ability to lead by example.

3. TOP Fitness Professionals are Lifelong Learners

The fitness field is constantly evolving, and new fitness knowledge and discoveries are continually being churned out from the various exercise- and sports-science laboratories. 

TOP fitness professionals therefore realize that there is always so much to learn about their respective fields and often dedicate themselves to Lifelong Learning in order to stay relevant and up-to-date. They realize that there is NO SUCH THING as "Having Arrived", and hence, adopt a HUMBLE attitude towards knowledge and learning.

These TOP professionals are often pursuing one certification after the other, and are often characterized by having Multiple, Advanced or Specialty certifications/titles to their names. 

4. TOP Fitness Professionals Lead Balanced Lives

Contrary to what many think, TOP fitness performers are NOT your typical "Gym Rat", "Muscle-Head"  or "Fitness-Fanatic".

From our observations and studies, we find ELITE performers often to be extremely WELL-BALANCED and HOLISTIC individuals, who portray the following characteristics:

  • Sound Educational Backgrounds

  • Possess Healthy Family Relationships and/or Strong Family Support

  • Have Wide Range of Interests Outside the Fitness Realm

In fact, we are quite surprised to find a number of them to be 'ALL-ROUNDERS' - having the abilities to juggle diverse roles in their lives. 


For instance, here in Singapore, we can find top-notch fitness pros living out multiple roles in their lives. Examples include:

  • a number of devoted, 'full-time' fathers and mothers,

  • an accomplished musician,

  • an avid volunteer community worker,

  • an expert web designer,

  • and even a Culinary Expert!

The lesson to learn is this: having a LIFE outside of fitness seems to BOOSTER one's chances of rising to the TOP of the fitness profession!


Books and experts that we consulted with, credit this phenomenon to the fact that these other 'outside' influences, pursuits, or interests - as we may call them - often help in DEVELOPING one's character to the FULL; which in turn, helps these individuals to project a more POSITIVE IMAGE and ATTRACTIVE PERSONALITY to all those around them - including their prospective clients and business partners. Any wonder they are where they are now - at the PINNACLE of their profession?


In summary, we have just shown you some of the prominent characteristics of our very own TOP-RATED fitness professionals here in Singapore. We know that NOT everyone is born with the above characteristics. But, in truth, ANYONE can learn and adopt some of the above characteristics - if they really want to, and are willing to change and work for them.


Will you be one of them?


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