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I am Annabelle, 19 years old student. For the past few years I've been trying my very best to lose weight through eating lesser and running once or twice a week. You guys should know about the 80% nutrition and 20% exercise. From the look of it, definitely what I was doing was not enough. 


I approached James 3 months ago and told him about my desire to lose weight and look toned. 


He was really patient and explained to me - it is not about eating less, but eating right. Running twice a week definitely isn't going to lose much weight or technically, for me to reach my goal. 


After knowing my goals - which was to lose weight and most importantly look toned, he made a program for me to follow. 


He also scheduled a session with me so that I am sure of the technique of the different movements I had to do in the gym. After that, it was all through online where we communicate about my questions about gym & nutrition. 


16 Apr 

Muscle mass - 21.4

Fat mass - 13.9

Body fat percentage - 26.0%


2 May

Muscle mass - 21.8

Fat mass - 12.7 

Body fat % - 23.9%


In 16 days, 

My muscle mass increased by 0.4kg,

My body fat mass decreased by 1.2kg

My body fat % went down by 2.1%.


And this. Was just taken a few days ago,


4 Aug

My muscle mass is now 22.1%,

Body fat mass 12.0,

body fat percentage 22.8%.


As compared to before I started his program till now,

There is an increase of my muscle mass of a 0.7, decrease of body fat mass of 1.9, 

And a decrease of body fat percentage of 3.2%. 


As we did this through online after the one session we had, I am really satisfied with the results. I bet if he were to train me directly, I'll definitely get better, and quicker results. 


I thank James for always answering my questions at night before I sleep - is oat okay? How much carbs can I take? Is barley okay? Is ICECREAM okay? Hahaha!


He have always been so patient, and dedicated with what he is doing. Thank you for putting your heart and passion in guiding me through. 


I am now more confident, and am committed in what I'm doing - to look healthy, and most importantly, be healthy.







I am Jonathan Hong, 25 years old zookeeper. Previously, I do not do any form of exercises at all. I used to be 110kg. But after huge crash diet, I went down to 80kg. But ever since i entered in the working world, my weight increased to 90kg. That’s when I realized that I needed someone to guide me to a healthy living lifestyle instead of crash diet. I found James.


James has been a great trainer/motivator to me. I only met him once a week for training. But he produces a good result. From his training, teachings and guiding, I manage to lose weight to 83kg, while gaining muscles.


James is also an innovative trainer. Knowing that I have no place and no equipment to train, he came up with various exercises that i can make use of the things around me to train me up. E.g railings, big rocks.


James also gave me some of his nutrition tips and taught me how to eat right. I am a sweet tooth. But after knowing James, the amount of sugar intake decreased dramatically. I feel healthy now.


To sum up, James is a very knowledgeable and dedicated trainer. I believe James has the ability to change people’s life greatly, from slimming down to gaining muscles/6pacs. Meeting client’s needs and providing  welfare for his clients.






Testimonial for Trainer James Yeo

Photo of Keira - James's client.

I am Keira, a 24-year-old female teacher. I am also a regular runner, and recently decided to train with James with hope of toning up, increasing my strength for running a full marathon and learning more about gym training.

A Competent Trainer

James is a competent trainer. He is very passionate and motivating, and greeted me constantly with “Today’s workout is going to be exciting!” He is also very proficient in teaching techniques and forms, as well as planning programmes to suit his clients’ profile and goals. Under his comfortably challenging programme, I managed to lose 2 inches of flab off each of my arm, 2 inches off my waist, and 2 inches off each of my thighs, which is a big deal because I am not flabby to begin with. I gained 1.5kg of muscle within a month while losing those flab too. I increased my running pace from 8.5km/h to 9km/h. I no longer slouch. James at the same time ensures good form to prevent gym injuries. James produce results.

Inspiring change

James inspires change. Firstly, he converted me to like the gym. Trainings are very fun; I get excited to wake up at 6am just to train. There are so many things he can come up with to suit my likes and dislikes, which makes it really enjoyable. Secondly, he is very driven himself. He has lived on “very clean” diets, he trains with a competitive bodybuilder regime, and he works hard, driven by passion above everything else. This enthusiasm spreads to me. Thirdly, he knows what is best for his clients. Once, I asked for a crash diet. To that, he replied that fitness is not a diet but a lifestyle. Through him, I learnt how to pick nutritious and healthy options which I like. Food keeps me very happy, and in great shape too!

Selling point

James’ unique selling points are that he is very dedicated and creative. He once made toasts for me after my first very intense session of heavy weights. That small gesture goes a long way. He also places fitness before income, and was always fine with extending the session a little bit and not hurrying me to quickly finish my workout. He is very creative, being able to combine a plethora of exercises into a single session to work on all muscles. This includes TRX, weights, resistance bands, mat exercises, combination exercises, gym machines and outdoor training.

The gym is also conveniently located at Upper Bukit Timah, and offer three training spots within a single location. It is very well-equipped, despite the sheer absurdity that he lives in the gym; his house is the gym. It even has foam rollers and bosu ball for training purposes.

On the whole, James made me very comfortable (never once threatened my easily-jealous boyfriend, haha!). He is a competent trainer, he inspires change and he is very personable. Cool stuff.





Testimonial for James Yeo Yiquan.

 Photo of Tan Qing - James's fitness client.

I am Tan Qing, a 22 years old Student. I only play badminton once a week and James was here to help me lose some fats and gain some muscles. Basically I requested for tone up sessions.

My schedule with James was on every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday for 2 months. He has inspired me to wake up every early morning just to travel from Hougang to Upper Bukit Timah Road which takes me 1.5Hours. He has made training fun although the training programs are always testing my limits.

During training, he is very proficient and especially particular on the techniques and forms. He has never failed to encourage me during training especially when I was not in the mood to train. He has this phrase that he always use… ‘Very fun one.’ Which never fails to make me laugh.

James is a very dedicated and customer-satisfying trainer. He produces results and he takes good care of all his clients such as myself. He will assess his client during workout and after. He would provide necessary nutrition when possible such as Amino acid drink to help with my recovery. He puts fitness before income. He has been flexible with my schedule timings and duration.

He would advice on my diet plans so as to help me better achieve my goals.


James produces results.  

Thanks to his training, I have managed to achieve a better body posture such as not slouching as much as before.

My legs and arms are much more toned up now, less flabby as before due to intensive squats, dead lift and many more.

My core is better in shape now and with more training, I believe I would be able to achieve my 4-6 packs!

And lastly, which most girls would love to hear about, is that James has helped me achieve a firmer and rounded upper chest/breast. I believe it’s due to a better posture as well. It is very satisfying.  Now I believe that training chest with weights DOES NOT reduce the size of your chest. And he has definitely proven that to me.

I am now more confident than before as a whole.

In conclusion, James has been a competent trainer. And anyone training under him, I am sure to have achieved what they’ve wanted provided they have the discipline. I have learnt more about working in a gym and am inspired to continue training in future.

I would have continued training under him if situation has allowed me to and I believe and am very confident to say that I would have achieve more than what I’ve already did.



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