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Thank You for applying for the listed fitness assignments.

This unique service allows you - the Standard Member* or Featured Member* to bid/apply for UNLIMITED times - all fitness jobs, requests, assignments and events that are regularly posted on our site.

( *This service is ONLY for members on the Standard or Featured Plans. For a flat fee, members will be issued with their own Personal ID numbers which will allow them UNLIMITED applications/bids for fitness jobs throughout Singapore - with ZERO commission charge!!! (Not a Member yet? Sign-Up here now.)

Please make sure that you have your Membership ID# on hand before you start your application.

Kindly follow the steps below when applying/bidding for a fitness job:


Step 1 : View the fitness assignments on display and decide which ones you would like to apply/bid for.

Step 2 : Submit your application/s using the form below and your Membership ID.

Step 3 : Our team will manually review all applications, and send out an email notification to all within 48 hours.

Step 4 : If you are SUCCESSFUL in your application, you will be given the full details of the assignment, and the contact information and particulars of the client concerned. Likewise, we will also release YOUR contact information and particulars to the client for verification purposes. It is then up to you both to initiate contact and discuss terms and conditions.

(Note : will NEVER be involved NOR be responsible - in ANY way - for the negotiations and/or relationships between clients and providers. For more information, please view our FAQs or Terms & Conditions.)

Step 5: Once a job is successfully-assigned, the post will be DE-ACTIVATED and nobody else can apply for the same job.


* required fields

Your Membership ID : *
Your Registered Email Address With Us: *
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Important Notes:

1.   The success or failure of an application depends on the following:

  • Relevance/Suitability/Match To Clients' Requirements

  • Time Of Application (First-Come, First Serve Basis)

  • Membership Status (Featured Members have HIGHER priority than Standard Members.)

  • Any Other Criteria As Stipulated By Clients & Our Review Team From Time to Time.

2.   Please note that there is a penalty involved if you bid for too many assignments and are unable to fulfill your obligations to the clients involved.

3.   You will receive a notification from us regardless whether your bid is successful or not.

4.   We take a SERIOUS view of any member who attempts to DEFRAUD the system by sharing their Membership IDs with other non-paying fitness professionals; or who applies for assignments ON BEHALF of non-paying members, friends or acquaintances. Be assured that we have a system of checks in place to identify such practices. Legal action may be taken against anyone found guilty of the above.

5.   If, at any time, you - the Fitness Professional - decides to WITHDRAW from the bidding process, or choose to REJECT the given assignment, please contact us immediately.

6.   To discourage frivolous applications and withdrawals, please note that any fitness professional who WITHDRAWS from the application after bidding it, or who REJECTS the assignment after being awarded it, or who is UNABLE to fulfill his/her obligations after being assigned the fitness job - without proper, valid reasons - will have his/her account suspended and placed in a Blackout Period - a period during which the fitness professional is NOT allowed to apply for any jobs for a period of 1 MONTH - starting from the date of his/her last application.

7.   Please do NOT submit multiple applications. Regardless of the outcome of your application, you will receive a notification within 48 hours.





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